What’s the Best PDF Viewer and Editor for Mac

Still worry about editing PDF files on Mac OS X? Want to edit PDF files as easy as in a MS Word document? It is not a big thing for us nowadays, even for editing scanned PDF files. Today we’d introduce you a powerful yet easy-to-use pdf editing program picked by Llifehacker as the best PDF viewer/editor for Mac.

This PDF Editor for Mac is an innovative tool for users to edit, convert, and annotate PDF files on Mac OS X. Different from those so-called “PDF Editors”, which only work with notes or limited page contents, PDF Editor for Mac allows users to directly edit all the content of the PDF files in any language. What’s more, it also gives users the ability to edit and reuse PDF contents in Word by converting PDF to Word. Marking and annotating PDF files are also very easy with PDF Editor for Mac.

Free Try this PDF Editor for Mac! With it, you can:

-Add, modify, move, and delete text in PDF files
-Insert, crop, resize, move, and delete images (including graphics and digital signatures)
-Edit restricted PDF files in Microsoft Word by converting PDF to Word
-Markup and annotate PDF files flexibly
-Read and edit PDF in any language
-Right-click to edit PDF content
There is also a pro version for this Mac PDF editor – PDF Editor Pro for Mac– that can perform OCR(Optical Character Recognition) on your scanned document to make the text editable and searchable. Don’t have to type the files word for word now. It is really a labor work. Now just scan the PDF files with scaner and then easily edit the PDF file as you like.

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