How to Unlock and Edit Secured PDF?

For security, some of the PDF files we come across are password-protected, just like some academic papers or network magazines. If we want to edit secured PDF, we would better unlock them first. Because secured PDF may cause some inconvenience. For example, when we want to print a secured PDF file, but the password is lost; or if we want to extract some excellent pages from a PDF file, we would fail to copy them. So how to unlock and edit secured PDF?

Generally speaking, secured PDF is protected with two types of password: user password and owner password. User password protects the files from being opened. Owner password protects the files from being copied or printed.

IF we want to unlock and edit secured PDF, We may encounter some problems below:

1. Some Password Remover can unlock secured PDF by removing its password, so we can copy text print the exported file, but it’s still difficult to edit in PDF Reader.

2. Adobe acrobat is too expensive to do edit the unlocked PDF.

3. Most of PDF to Word Converter can just convert unlocked PDF to word, when coming across secured PDF, they would crash.

Thus, in order to resolve these problems by one step, we need a program which supports secured PDF conversion. Fortunately, I found Wondershare PDF to Word Converter can definitely meet our needs. It can convert secured PDF to Word, which you can copy, print and edit. The process will cost you seconds by two steps:

Step1: Launch the program and Import the secured files you want to convert. The program supports drag-and-drop feature, that is, you can import many files at a time.

Step2: Select the conversion mode. The program supports batch/partial conversion and right-click conversion. You can refer to the paragraph below.

How to Unlock and Edit Secured PDF

If you want to check the file imported is what you want to convert again, just double click the filename in the panel, you can view it with the pre-installed PDF reader.

Step3: Click the Convert and things would be done.

The program can convert the secured PDF with owner password or user password.

1. The program can automatically convert the files with owner password to Word document. It will preserve the original text contents, layouts, graphics and text hyperlinks after conversion. You can copy, print or edit them.

2. It can convert the files with user password to Word document as well. You just need to input the password before conversion.

Thus, by using Wondershare PDF to Word Converter, you either need expensive Adobe acrobat to edit them, or use other program to remove the password. Besides, it resolves you problems at a fraction of the cost of Adobe acrobat.

Totally, if we could select the right program, we would find that unlock and edit secured PDF is not such a complex work as what we image. We can perfectly finish it by one step using only one program. It’s amazing and you can have a try!

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