How to perform OCR to scanned PDF files?

Once you open a scanned PDF file with PDF Editor Pro for Mac, you will get the window box below to ask you if you want to perform OCR to the current file. Just select the language of the PDF file and click Perform OCR button, PDF Editor Pro for Mac can automatically OCR your scanned PDF file and make the text editable and searchable.

Perform OCR

You can also OCR the scanned PDF file later by choosing Edit > OCR Document from the top menu. The OCR process will be finished in seconds, and then you can get the text-based PDF file.

Perform OCR

How to edit PDF text?

Click Touchup Tool on the toolbar and double click on the text you want to edit. You can correct, insert, or delete the text when the text is in an editable block and the cursor becomes I-beam pointer.

Edit PDF Text

1. If you can’t edit some text in unrestricted PDF files, you may encounter the embedded fonts. Then you need to auto-match or select an available system font for the selected text before editing the text.

2. If you want to edit text on a scanned PDF file, you need to perform OCR before editing.

How to export PDF to other document formats?

To export PDF to the editable formats you need, just click on the Convert icon on the toolbar.  And then choose the format you need to convert (.doc, .xls, .pptx, .html, .txt, .epub), page range you want to export, and output folder of the exported file in the pop-out box, after that clickConvert button, and PDF Editor Pro for Mac can help you quickly export PDF to the format you need.

Export PDF to Office formats, EPUB, HTML, and Text

Note: In order to export a scanned PDF to the editable formats, you need to perform OCR before conversion.

How to edit images in PDF files?

Click Customize to drag Insert Image to the toolbar. And then by clicking Insert Image icon on the toolbar, you can insert local images to the PDF file. And you can also crop, resize, move, and delete the images in the PDF file. The methods of editing images in PDF files with PDF Editor Pro for Mac are same as with the standard version, just click here to learn more details about how to edit images in PDF files>>

Customize Toolbar

How to annotate PDF files on Mac?

Choose Annotate Tools on the toolbar, and you can markup or make annotations on your PDF files such as highlight/underline/strikethrough text, add sticky note, add text box, draw arrow, line, rectangle, cloud, etc. The methods of annotating PDF files with PDF Editor Pro for Mac are same as with the standard version, just click here to learn more details about how to annotate on PDF files>>

Annotate on PDF files

How to edit properties of PDF files?

Click Inspector in the toolbar, you can edit properties of your current PDF file in the pop-up window, including File Title, Author, Subject, and Keywords. Also you can find the security information here by switching the tab.

How to edit PDF bookmarks?

You can quickly add bookmarks for your PDF file by choosing Edit > Bookmark > Add Bookmark in the top menu bar. Or delete the existing bookmarks by selecting Edit > Bookmark > Remove Bookmark. The bookmarks you added can be viewed in the sidebar by choosing View > Sidebar > Bookmarks. The methods of editing PDF bookmarks with PDF Editor Pro for Mac are same as with the standard version, just here tolearn more about editing bookmarks for PDF files>>

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